Welcome to ETFASH

We are a leading ISO management systems certification training and consulting firm, third party laboratory service and Environmental management services provider in Nigeria. Registered since 2012 with track record of grand breaking achievements in business development and optimization through implementation of ISO management systems and the provision of ingenuous solutions to environmental problems in clients’ facilities.


Iso Management System Training, Auditing And Consultancy

We offer ISOs 9001 (Quality Management System), 14001 (Environmental Management System), etc

Environmental Management Services

We provide environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Evaluation Studies or Post Impact Assessment,... etc

Laboratory Services

We provide first, second and Third party laboratory services in Biological, Microbial, Chemical and basic Physical analysis (Testing, Sampling and Calibration)

Why Choose Us?

At Etfash, we understand the principles of interdependence as a veritable tool to delivering efficient and effective solutions to business challenges; so, we are in partnership with some local and international regulatory bodies and accredited certification bodies. Hence, our solutions are a mix of local and international models which makes our methods unique and also provide your business a competitive edge over others.